(As of year-end 2020)

US$ 58M
405MW Ninh Thuan Solar1
US$ 14M
50MW Khanh Hoa Solar1
US$ 7M
30MW Dak Lak Solar1
US$ 49M
521MW New England Solar (Phase 1)2
US$ 19M
120MW Sitara Solar2
US$ 1M
70MW Paryapt Solar2
US$ 68M
120MW Alaminos Solar2
US$ 42M
63MW Palauig Solar1
US$ 33M
80MW Islasol1,4
US$ 60M
45MW Sacasol1,4
US$ 44M
80MW Mui Ne Wind2
US$ 38M
60MW Lac Hoa Wind and Hoa Dong Wind2
US$ 46M
210MW Quang Binh Wind2
US$ 32M
88MW Ninh Thuan Wind2
US$ 50M
81MW North Luzon Renewables1,4
US$ 167M
637MW Salak & Darajat Geothermal1,4
US$ 729M

Environmental Benefits

Installed Renewable Energy

Attributable Energy Generated from Renewable Source

1,389,576 MT CO2e
Attributable Greenhouse Emissions Avoided

1 Operating; Includes 75MW Ninh Thuan Solar expansion under construction
2 Under construction
3 Acquisition of operating assets
4 Refinancing of acquisition