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Training and Development

We continuously invest in the capacity-building of our employees. In 2021, we spent over ₱30 million in training programs to support our leaders, managers and staff in developing their skills to better contribute to the company’s success. Apart from competency enhancement to drive excellence in our performance, we continue to invest in the welfare of our employees, ensuring their health, safety and overall well-being. With the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of educational seminars were rolled out online, tapping external and internal subject matter experts as speakers and guest resources on various topics that support continuing education, as well as provide valuable opportunities to build new skill sets.

Managing the performance of all employees is also an important part of motivating and engaging our workforce, creating a venue for us to set clear targets for each team member and to help them understand how they contribute to the company’s shared goals. To ensure personal and professional growth of each employee, a rigorous performance appraisal process is held each year which starts from goal setting, talent review using our nine-box grid and individual development plan (IDP), and the performance review proper.

38 hours1

Average training hours per employee

~₱ 30 million

2021 spending on training

1 Figure on training hours covers 100% of ACEN’s direct employees

(From L to R) First row: John Philip Orbeta, Eric Francia;
Second row: Cezar Consing, Ma. Aurora Geotina-Garcia;
Third row: Melinda Ocampo

Leadership programs such as the Ayala Leadership Acceleration Program (LEAP) equip our Management Team with essential skills to further serve the organization. This also includes executive educational and function-specific programs as well as coaching and 360 feedback mechanisms. Additionally, ACEN invests in further education for its management team by partnering with leading institutions such as Harvard, Yale, INSEAD, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Human Capital Leadership Institute, and many others to provide business, functional and leadership development courses at the senior management and executive levels.

In addition, we continue to partner with learning and development partners to provide specific functional and governance courses in areas such as cybersecurity awareness, corporate governance, health and mental wellness, teambuilding. We will also be introducing programs on health and safety, risk management and business continuity as part of our overall governance and culture-building activities around these important areas.

In collaboration with an international management school, ACEN will launch a Management Development Program to develop collaborative and agile leaders within the workforce. Participants will be exposed to holistic learning experiences that aim to expand their capabilities and develop a wide array of knowledge of the Company’s business model and functional linkages. The Management Development Program aims to train potential and key leaders within the Company. Furthermore, ACEN has partnered with LinkedIn Learning an educational technology company that provides employees access to more than 14,000 virtual learning courses covering a wide range of topics and skills.

(From L to R) First row: Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Nicole Goh Phaik Khim, Jose Rene Gregory Almendras;
Second Row: Sherisa Nuesa, Solomon Hermosura;
Third row: Consuelo Garcia

Inclusive Workplace

We believe in fostering an inclusive culture where everyone feels they are heard, treated fairly and with respect, and where they are appreciated for their efforts regardless of the roles they play in the organization. We aim to foster a workplace where employees feel a complete sense of ownership and belonging, and where their opinions matter.

35 %

women in leadership position

32 %

women employees

An integral aspect of this is developing a compensation structure that ensures equitable pay across all members of our workforce. Gender diversity is another important goal, where women are given opportunities at every level of the company and especially in leadership roles. Around 35 percent of Senior Management positions is composed of women. We also recognizes the value of professional expertise across all age groups, and pride ourselves in having a multi-generational organization that encourages career growth for young professionals and mentorship from senior leaders.

The quest for a Net Zero world is a tall order indeed, and for the people committed to such a mission, it is important to have a workplace where they can continuously aspire, strengthen their belief in their ideals, collaborate, and most importantly, deliver on the promise of a sustainable future.

This was the vision of ACEN, Ayala group’s listed energy platform, when the company underwent a transformation four years ago, and was faced with the valuable opportunity to move into a bigger office space to make room for a young, dynamic, and growing organization.

Thus, with deliberate planning and attention to detail, the team in charge of shaping the new ACEN headquarters successfully achieved what they sought to accomplish—to build a modern and progressive workplace, in both aesthetics and functionality, befitting the company’s commitment to a revolutionary future of clean energy.

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Employee Engagement

In 2021, we conducted our fourth Employee Engagement Survey. This is conducted every 2 years to connect with our employees, allow them to provide meaningful input and to monitor engagement levels across all levels of the company. Among the respondents, 93 percent reacted favorably to the sustainable engagement criteria. We strengthened our employee engagement initiatives which cuts across recreational employee activities, performance management discussions, learning and development programs.

At ACEN, we help foster work-life balance through special interest groups that cater to various personal interests of our employees, allowing them to pursue hobbies and passions on a regular basis. As part of our commitment to our employees, we acknowledge the importance of supporting our team’s physical and mental well-being. Throughout the year, we implemented group-wide employee activities such as online concerts and virtual teambuilding events. Online counseling and psychological well-being hotline channels are also made available for ACEN employees.

Compensation and Benefits

ACEN is guided by its compensation philosophy that ensures the competitiveness of employees’ total remuneration compared to its relevant market. As a result of the 2021 mid-year compensation review, improvements on the total compensation of employees were implemented. The salary increments, benefits and rewards are commensurate to the overall company and individual performance, determined through the mid-year and annual performance and talent review process.

We aim to provide employee benefits in line with our competitive salaries and compensation. In 2021, we earmarked ₱340 million in total benefits, and other employee aid and assistance.

Aside from standard compensation packages, we offer employees wellness benefits that subsidize activities that promote physical or mental wellbeing. Additionally, we recently recently increased the coverage of all existing health benefit plans for our employees and provided family coverage in our employee vaccination program.

The performance management system drives the compensation and incentive plans of senior executives, and is meant to align employees’ individual goals with the organization’s goals and strategies.

Management compensation is typically broken down into three components: (1) Base compensation; (2) Variable compensation based on annual targets or Key Result Areas (KRAs); and (3) a Long-Term Incentive Plan, which is typically vested over a three-year period and is linked to long-term objectives.

The performance of the Company’s senior executives, including the CEO, are rated based on their respective KRAs. These KRAs cover various aspects of the business, covering a wide array of performance areas, including Financials, Operations, Development and Pipeline, Organization, and Risk Management and ESG.

Executives receive annual bonuses based on Company results, business unit or team performance and individual achievements of performance goals/ KRAs. Performance ratings are similarly taken into consideration in determining any salary adjustments.

ACEN’s Employee Stock Ownership (ESOWN) program serves as a long-term incentive program for qualified executives and managerial employees. The award range is a percentage of the grantee’s annual gross compensation, as approved by the Compensation and
Benefits Committee and the Board. Potential awards are based on employee performance, company performance, and share price.

Work-life balance is further encouraged with sufficient vacation and sick leaves, and other forms of paid time off. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home and shelter-in-place arrangements were put in place for the welfare and safety of our employees.

At our plants, dedicated shuttle services are provided for employees residing in remote areas. For plant-based employees, comfortable and sufficient staff housing is provided for long-term accommodation. Daily meals are provided by in-house canteen and pantry facilities.

Health-related benefits are extended to immediate family members and include mental health as well as wellness programs. COVID-19 vaccination coverage was also extended to employee dependents.

ACEN offers retirement benefits to ensure the longterm financial welfare of our employees, as well as financial support programs to meet more immediate needs.

Protecting our People

Health and Safety (H&S) are among our top priorities at ACEN, as we maintain operations on a wide geographical scale involving vital resources such as power and electricity. H&S is a foundational aspect of our workplace culture and is constantly observed and improved through monitoring, review and feedback mechanisms.

We also have policies in place that define and safeguard against undesired workplace situations such as harassment and discrimination. These are in line with our overall goal of creating a safe and inclusive workplace, which pertains not only to carrying out one’s duties and tasks, but includes interpersonal aspects such as dealing with others and the observance of proper conduct and behavior.

Our commitment to health and safety follows a top-down management approach where leadership is expected to cascade a culture of accountability across the company. Management programs are rolled out to provide employees with the necessary medical screening, equipment, and training for optimal performance.

Additionally, a risk management process to identify, assess, and prioritize health and safety risks is implemented at the plant operations level to minimize the probability or impact of potential incidents. In 2021, no incidents involving fatalities or disabling injuries were recorded across our plant operations.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an adverse impact on business and operations, and as such, remains a key consideration in employee welfare and wellness initiatives. Apart from the continuing provision of employee wages and allocation for emergency funds, ACEN spearheaded innovative weekly health checks, periodic updates about the crisis, a dedicated hotline for Covid emergencies, and tele psychological consultation services.

Our plant employees are given personal protective equipment (PPE) as part of their uniforms, tools and work equipment. Regular emergency preparedness and response trainings and programs are implemented to keep safety instincts sharp especially among onsite workers.

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