Source: Business Mirror

6 December 2019 – AC Energy Philippines Inc. , formerly Phinma Energy Corp., is all set to undertake 550 megawatts (MW) of power projects in the country starting next year, its top official said.

Company President Eric Francia identified three projects with a combined capacity of 330 MW that are up for implementation starting 2020. Details of the remaining 220 MW of power projects have yet to be finalized. Francia, however, said these are mainly solar and wind projects.

Up for construction next year are the 330-MW diesel power project in Pililla, Rizal; 120-MW solar power facility in Alaminos, Laguna; and the 60-MW solar power project in  Palauig, Zambales.

“We’ll be focusing a lot on renewables and peaking plants. The 120 MW in Alaminos in Laguna, 60 MW in Palauig, Zambales, and the 150 MW peaking plant in Pililla, Rizal. We already announced those approvals and we expect to start construction soon, in the next few weeks or months,” said Francia.

For solar, Francia said the company will release the notice to proceed very soon, “but we’ve already disclosed the board approval for the investment in these two solar projects.” For the diesel power project, Francia said the company prefers to build it in two phases starting with a 150-MW capacity.

“We’ll start with the 150 MW…and then we expect that to be completed by end of 2020,” said Francia. The power plant will be put up beside the Malaya thermal power plant.

He explained that diesel-run power plants are used to provide ancillary services, such as backup power, load following, system frequency and voltage regulation. They are like standby power plants if, say, a wind power facility does not provide too much wind or if it rains in an area that hosts a solar power farm. “We believe the country will need more peaking and reserve ancillary capacity, especially in a world where you need renewable energy. This is in line of thinking if RPS [Renewable Portfolio Standards] succeeds, then you need ancillary for that,” Francia had said earlier.

The three power projects are going to be developed by AC Energy Development Co. Inc., formerly Bronzeoak-San Carlos Clean Energy.

“So, the 330 MW is okay. For the 220 MW, just wait. We have a lot of projects that we’re developing,” he said.