• The distinction spans twelve of ACEN’s power plants in the Philippines
  • Highlights compliance by ACEN’s Retail Electricity Supply group of applicable DOE regulations on the RCOA program
  • In leading the energy transition, ACEN commits to efficient and transparent energy market service while ensuring reliable and sustainable power supply

28 September 2022 – In a recent virtual awarding ceremony, the Department of Energy (DOE) recognized ACEN’s Retail Electricity Supply (ACEN RES) group for its continuous support to the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) program through its compliance with the reportorial requirements required under DOE Circular No. DC2013-05-0006, entitled, “Enjoining All Generation Companies, Distribution Utilities, Suppliers and Local Suppliers to Ensure an Effective and Successful Transition towards the Implementation of Retail Competition and Open Access”.

Apart from ACEN RES, the DOE recognized twelve of ACEN’s power plants which include several operating wind and solar farms with an aggregate capacity of ~760 MW. The awarded plants were NorthWind in Ilocos Norte, Guimaras Wind in Visayas, the three solar farms in Negros, SacaSol, MonteSol and IslaSol, as well as the company’s thermal assets.

The distinction comes as ACEN takes significant steps in expanding its renewables footprint across the Asia Pacific, with its attributable capacity now reaching ~4,000 MW. The company’s commitment to streamline its Retail Electricity Supply operational processes and its strict adherence to the set standards by the DOE allow for its continuous participation in the RCOA and the expansion of its customer base.

“It is our privilege to accept these recognitions as a testament to the continuing dedication of ACEN, not only to further renewables in the country, but to also ensure proper compliance with regulations and excellence in service as we do so,” said Miguel de Jesus, ACEN executive director and head of commercial operations. “We believe that providing efficient and transparent market service to our clients is equally crucial in ensuring a reliable and sustainable electricity supply.”

In the Philippines, ACEN’s customers under its RCOA program spans the agricultural, educational, food and beverage,  semiconductor and fast-moving consumer goods industries.

The RCOA, established under the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA), allows contestable customers that consume an average of 500 kilowatts (kW) per month in the preceding twelve (12) months, to choose their preferred electricity suppliers. It is instrumental in promoting fair competition in the electric power industry by giving end-users the power of choice, resulting in a more affordable and reliable supply of electricity for consumers.