13 September 2023 – ACEN Renewable Energy Solutions (ACEN RES), the retail electricity arm of ACEN, has expanded its roster of businesses that it supports on the path to carbon neutrality, providing energy solutions that allow more companies to make the “green switch” to renewables. From industrial plants, fast-moving consumer goods businesses, office buildings and educational institutions, more retail clients have jumpstarted their renewable energy journey to reduce their carbon footprint in a hassle-free and cost-efficient way through ACEN RES.

Leveraging on the government’s Green Energy Option Program (GEOP), rolled out in December 2021, ACEN RES provides businesses drawing at least 100 kW of average monthly demand to shift to their preferred renewable energy supplier. This seamless transition to renewables enhances environmental sustainability without incurring additional equipment costs or causing any power interruptions.

Recently in July, in a landmark move, the Philippine headquarters of JPMorgan Chase (JPMC), the world’s largest bank, transitioned to renewable energy through ACEN RES in a strategic partnership allowing it to power the 25-story office building of JPMC in Taguig City with renewable energy sourced from ACEN’s portfolio of wind, solar, and geothermal plants, helping avoid carbon emissions equivalent to around 4,700 cars off the road per year.=

In Cebu, French automotive supplier, Delfingen, is also mindful of the environmental impact of its global operations. Its manufacturing and export facility located in the province is among the latest to switch to ACEN RES under the GEOP to support its sustainability goals. The multinational company’s facility supplies electrical insulators, network tubing, among other parts, to almost all major car manufacturers in the world.

Edmark Perez, Delfingen Cebu Plant Manager, said: “Our unwavering commitment to reducing our carbon footprint goes hand in hand with maintaining our products’ global standards. As we transition to renewable energy through ACEN RES, it is reassuring to know that we not only contribute to environmental preservation but also bolster our customers’ sustainability goals.”

In the fashion industry, Golden ABC Corporation, the company behind successful clothing brands in the Philippines such as Penshoppe, MEMO, and Regatta, is also now powered by renewable energy through ACEN RES. Its corporate office in Balintawak, Quezon City, will be among the first facilities to bear the “Powered by Renewable Energy” seal this year, a proprietary mark exclusively awarded by ACEN RES to businesses powered by 100% RE supply.

Sheila Mina, assistant vice president for commercial operations of ACEN RES, said: “We introduced this seal as a badge of honor for the early adopters of renewable energy in the country. These are businesses that are bold enough to embrace nature’s power to drive their business forward and contribute to a more progressive and sustainable future. We encourage businesses to join us in the renewable energy revolution. Our team offers commitment-free consultation to those who wish to know more about the GEOP and the solutions that ACEN RES offers. All they need to do is contact us via our website, acenres.com, and our account managers will reach out to them immediately.”

ACEN RES is also the preferred supplier of choice of contestable customers that consume an average of 500 kW per month per year, made possible by the government’s Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) program.

Premier educational institutions such as Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba recently renewed its contract with the group last May 2023 for the supply of 100% renewable energy through the RCOA. The partnership helps avoid carbon emissions equivalent to around 1,800 cars off the road throughout the contract period.

Rev. Fr. Napoleon M. Encarnacion, O.P., rector and president of the premier Dominican institution, said: “With our significant power requirement, we must partner with an energy company with a proven track record of delivering a high quality of service. ACEN, being an Ayala company, gives us confidence that it can fulfill its commitments. Moreover, its push for renewable energy resonates with our advocacy since we are also mindful of our environmental impact being a progressive and Catholic educational institution.”

Mina added: “RCOA gives customers the power to choose. Since they have greater control over their supply and the terms may be flexed according to their specific use, they are able to benefit from lower electricity costs and reduced carbon footprint if they decide to draw their electricity from renewable energy sources.”

ACEN RES is the retail electricity unit of ACEN, an Ayala company with the largest capacity of new renewable energy in the country. ACEN is also the only Filipino-owned energy company with significant renewable energy assets in the Asia Pacific region consisting of mostly solar and wind plants in Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.

In March 2023, ACEN became the first energy company in Southeast Asia to establish a robust Net Zero roadmap, which outlines near-term and long-term emission reduction targets by 2050. This decarbonization strategy reaffirms the company’s climate ambitions as a leader in the region’s renewable energy space.