Moving sustainability beyond just a management strategy to become the driving force for its business, AC Energy’s latest environmental and social programs in Western Visayas anchored on marine life protection and community development demonstrates the company’s pursuit to create sustainable, tangible and long-term impact to its stakeholders, the community and the environment.

In the municipality of Dumangas, where a large part of the locals live and work along the coastal areas, AC Energy recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the local government to help rehabilitate over 90 hectares of fish sanctuary to serve as a breeding ground for marine life, and aid in establishing sustainable sources of livelihood for the local community.

Through the program, over 200 units of artificial reefs will be constructed and installed in the coastal area to supplement the habitat of fisheries to serve as their protection barrier and shelter. In the long term, the project is expected to increase coastal activities within the community while establishing beneficial new food chains.

“The business of renewable energy depends entirely on the power of nature, so it is only logical that we as a company integrate environmentally-sustainable practices into our ways of working,” said Gabby Mejia, AC Energy Executive Director & Head of Plant Operations. “We have a great responsibility to preserve the environments in which we operate, and this is made possible by equipping our host communities to live a sustainable lifestyle and achieve socioeconomic progress.”

The municipality of Dumangas is gearing up for the initiative that will further the town’s climate change adaptation. “Our alliance with AC Energy for our mangrove rehabilitation program is off to a very good start, and we really appreciate their support in building up our natural sea defenses and eventually promoting our municipality as an eco-tourism destination,” said Dumangas mayor Ronaldo Golez during the announcement of the partnership.

Meanwhile, in Leganes, an abandoned fishpond in Barangays Gua-an and Nabitasan that now stands as the Katunggan Ecopark mangrove forest will soon benefit from AC Energy’s latest partnership with the local government that will see the construction of a 120-meter boardwalk.

The Katunggan Eco Park is a designated center of learning and a crucial part of the municipality’s tourism circuit, and the soon to be launched boardwalk will serve as the main access to its Pavillion, Bird Observation Tower and Viewing Deck, and will provide a significant push for the park’s promotion.

“Sustainability achieved through renewable energy generation, protecting the environment and investing in communities are core to the way we run our business. To fully embed sustainability into our business and drive positive change, we will focus on programs that impact our host communities in a big way,” said Mejia.