Pacific Synergy Beverage Corporation founder Charles Lee is young, woke, and determined to steer his company toward a net-zero carbon future. He starts this journey by sourcing power from renewable energy sources through ACEN RES, the retail electricity supply arm of the Ayala Group.

“When we were yet starting, our environmental impact may not have been as significant, but as we expanded in volume, our electricity consumption naturally grew,” Lee explained. “I thought, how can we manage our electrical costs and minimize the environmental impact of our energy use.”

The 32-year-old entrepreneur found the answer in Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA). This government initiative enables businesses with an average energy demand of at least 500 kilowatts to contract power from a supplier of their choice. In 2020, Lee found that Pacific Synergy could participate in the program.

“Being able to choose our electricity supplier means that we also have greater control over which sources our energy supply will come from. The offer of ACEN RES had a guaranteed renewable energy supply, making it easy for our company to pivot towards sustainability. [ACEN RES representatives] explained how much carbon emissions would be avoided by switching to RE,” he added.

Lee intends to move beyond carbon neutrality. He is determined to achieve net-zero plastic — recapture and recycle the plastic that his business releases to the environment — and eventually, use 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The young entrepreneur knows that achieving full sustainability is long and complex, but he is determined to pursue it no matter what.

“The younger generation takes climate change more seriously because we live in it. In terms of energy, I am glad to have a dependable partner, ACEN RES, to make our sustainability journey within our reach,” he said.

ACEN Renewable Energy Solutions (ACEN RES) is the retail arm of ACEN, an Ayala Company. It is a licensed retail electricity supplier and renewable energy solutions provider powering businesses and industries through the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) and the Green Energy Option Program (GEOP).