15 June, 2023 – Today, a series of short branded films presented by the World Energy Council showcasing innovation from organisations across the energy ecosystem launches on a BBC.com microsite, with more films joining later this year.

The series, which follows a highly successful first set of 24 films, spotlights the organisations and communities embracing the move towards more renewable sources of energy.

Produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and presented by the World Energy Council, Humanising Energy is the outcome of two organisations with rich 100-year histories shining a light on today’s rapidly changing energy landscape and showcasing clean and inclusive energy transitions around the world.

Watch the Humanising Energy series trailer:

Dr Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General and CEO of the World Energy Council, said: “The debate around clean energy transitions too often talks about grand roadmaps at a macro-level and leaves out the human element of stories across the world and what people are doing right now. The Humanising Energy series fills this gap by bringing people back to the centre of the conversation and demonstrating how diverse communities are responding to the challenges of climate change.”

  • Humanising Energy is produced for the World Energy Council and participating organisations by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the creative content division of BBC Studios, and launches 15 June
  • 12 self-contained films explore the challenges and opportunities of the transitions towards sustainable energy sources, and the people driving this change and working for a brighter future, across 6 world continents
  • To learn more about Humanising Energy, visit the dedicated hubsite
  • More stories will be joining the series later this year

People from all around the world are reconsidering the way we produce and use energy. Through this series, discover the projects transforming the energy sector and shaping life on our planet in the process.

With intensifying energy challenges and the effects of global warming becoming apparent across the world, solutions are needed to hand over a protected planet to the next generation. The need for innovation is being answered by these inspiring projects, putting people first and making sure no one is left behind in the transition towards more sustainable energy sources. Weaving together awe-inspiring ideas, beautiful landscapes and future-thinking communities, this collection of stories showcases sparks of inspiration from around the world.

Each film focuses on a different organisation and their work to create energy solutions for the future. This includes harnessing wind power while regenerating a community’s olive trees in Spain; the first electric boat for a traditional fishing village in Hong Kong; cows “running” their own dairy farm in the United States; and New Zealand’s mountains, plains and forests determining the route of electricity across the unique landscape. This series celebrates the innovations that work with and for our planet, finding future energy solutions that work for our landscapes, cultures, and lives.

This new series adds to the 24 films released as part of Humanising Energy series one, the previous set of films presenting stories of electric buses in France, energy efficient housing in Mongolia, hydrogen cubes transforming remote communities in Malaysia, the women behind energy alternatives in Tanzania, reducing fossil fuel reliance in a remote town in Alaska as well as many more.

You can watch them here.