• A testament to ACEN’s commitment to maintaining best-in-class corporate governance standards, transparency, and ethical business practices
  • A significant milestone as ACEN leads the energy transition in the region, making significant strides in fully integrating sustainability in its ways of working

2 October 2023 – ACEN, the listed energy platform of the Ayala group, has been recognized with four prestigious Golden Arrows for exemplary corporate governance. The award was bestowed by the Institute of Corporate Directors at the 2023 ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS) Golden Arrow Awards ceremony held on September 28 at the Okada Manila Hotel.

ACEN was among 109 publicly listed companies that received Golden Arrow awards. It is the only energy company that scored at least 110 points out of a possible 130 points in the ACGS assessment, and the only energy company that received four Golden Arrows. The ACGS measures performance in areas including shareholder rights, stakeholder relationships, transparency, accountability, and board guidance.

The awards are based on the 2022 ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard and Corporate Governance Scorecard Assessment Results, where ACEN demonstrated strong conformance with the Philippine Code of Corporate Governance and internationally recommended practices.

Eric Francia, ACEN president and CEO, said: “We are deeply honored to receive this recognition, which validates our relentless pursuit of excellence in corporate governance. We believe that adherence to good corporate governance principles is not just a responsibility, but a key driver in achieving our strategic goals. At ACEN, we are committed to conducting our business ethically, with integrity, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations.”

Atty. Dodjie Lagazo, general counsel and assistant corporate secretary of ACEN, added: “The recognition we received is a reflection of our continuous efforts to strengthen our governance structures, systems, and procedures. We are committed to being transparent about how we manage environmental, social, and governance topics across our business and with our stakeholders. Our governance framework is constantly evolving to align with best practices and the changing expectations of regulators, investors, and other stakeholders in our move towards greater ASEAN integration.”