16 October 2023 – ACEN, the listed energy platform of the Ayala group, and Mapúa University are working together to build a skilled local workforce through the ACEN Cadetship Program, providing opportunities to fresh graduates and newly licensed engineers to work in the renewables sector. The partnership, marked by a recent signing ceremony at the ACEN headquarters, is a significant stride for both parties towards nation-building and educational enhancement.

The comprehensive three-year engagement covers a broad array of initiatives, including internship at ACEN developments to gain crucial industry experience, educational tours of the plants, faculty immersion, joint conferences, recruitment activities, seminars and trainings, and other collaborative endeavors. Mapúa University is the first academic institution to partner with ACEN for this initiative.

The ACEN Cadetship Program is open to graduates from different schools apart from Mapúa University. The program allows the participants to be exposed to an actual work environment where employment is simulated. It involves a range of activities, from non-technical modules to field modules, hands-on training, field assignments, and capstone project presentations.

Miguel de Jesus, ACEN COO for Philippine operations, said: “Education and training are key to building a committed local workforce in the renewable energy sector. Our partnership with academic institutions such as Mapúa University aims to give graduates immediate real-world experience, playing a crucial role in achieving quality education, and building a solid foundation for the future of renewable energy.”

Dr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, Mapúa University president and CEO, said: “As one of the leading universities in the Philippines, Mapúa has always sought to provide students with unparalleled learning opportunities. Through the ACEN Cadetship Program, they can realize their full potential, hone their skills, and acquire new specialized knowledge, preparing them for the rapidly changing industry.”

In addition to fostering education and talent development, ACEN views this partnership as a strategic pathway for recruitment, employee succession, and talent development to address the company’s growing need for acquiring and maintaining a robust talent pool.

“With the ACEN Cadetship Program, ACEN and Mapúa University are jointly investing in the future of education and the workforce, aligning our visions to foster a stronger nation,” concludes de Jesus.