PT&T Corp. (PSE:PTT) assumes a pivotal role in strengthening ACEN’s (PSE:ACEN) cybersecurity as its Infra Security Team initiates the IBM Security implementation project to support the Information and Event Management (SIEM). Utilizing a diverse set of tools for information security, the team prioritizes the enhancement of its security posture.

In collaboration with industry leaders IBM and Technopaq, PT&T, acknowledged as the preferred solution provider by ACEN, successfully navigated and completed the SIEM Proof of Concept (POC) integration list for ACEN. This accomplishment played a decisive role in securing the realization of this transformative project.

Expressing gratitude for this distinction, PT&T President and CEO, James Velasquez, remarked, “We are honored to be chosen for this initiative, underscoring our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch IT services, especially in the realm of cybersecurity.”

ACEN Chief Operating Officer of Philippine Operations, Miguel de Jesus, highlighted the strategic importance of implementing SIEM solution. “This is a critical step forward in fortifying ACEN’s cybersecurity defenses. IBM’s technological proficiency coupled with PT&T’s expertise during implementation, is integral to safeguard ACEN’s digital infrastructure. Such partnerships are essential for protecting the critical infrastructure of the Philippines, allowing us to continue delivering safe, reliable, and ever-cleaner energy.”

“This collaboration with PT&T underscores our commitment to empower organizations like ACEN in staying ahead of rapidly changing cybersecurity threats with highly-integrated solutions powered by artificial intelligence,” said IBM Philippines Principal Software Sales Manager Christine Llanto-Ravelo. “This IBM Security QRadar SIEM implementation demonstrates how we have invested in enabling ACEN through security capabilities that provide greater speed, scale, and accuracy across its operations in line with its business goals.”

Echoing this sentiment, ACE Shared Services Inc. (ACES) General Manager and Vice President, Mico Cornejo, expressed confidence in the projected security enhancements, saying: “We are confident that PT&T’s seamless integration of IBM’s solution will provide us with an elevated level of protection against emerging cyber threats. This is a testament to our collective diligence in safeguarding our digital assets and maintaining the integrity of our operations.”

This collaborative endeavor positions ACEN as a proactive force in safeguarding digital assets against evolving cybersecurity challenges.