AC Energy Green Bonds CBI Certified

Bonds which are verified to conform with the Climate Bonds Standard are called Climate Bonds Certified Bonds. The Standard contains rigorous scientific criteria which are consistent with the 2 degrees Celsius warming limit as detailed in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Therefore, Certified Climate Bonds have gone through a strict process to ensure that their assets and projects will contribute to a low carbon economy. In order to receive the Certified Climate Bonds stamp of approval a prospective issuer must appoint an Approved Verifier, who will supply an assurance report to say that the bond meets the Climate Bonds Standard’s requirements. The Climate Bonds Standard Board provides the final confirmation of all Climate Bond Certifications.

The Climate Bond Standard allows Certification of a bond prior to its issuance, enabling the issuer to use the Climate Bond Certification Mark in the bond marketing efforts and investor roadshows. After the bond has been issued and allocation of the bond proceeds has begun, the issuer must confirm the Certification by obtaining another assurance (the “post issuance”) report and providing that to the Climate Bonds Standard Board.

In January 2019, ACEIC launched its first Climate Bond Certified, publicly listed USD green bond in South East Asia.

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