Net Zero Future

In October 2021, ACEN committed to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or earlier.

“Being at the forefront of the energy transition goes hand in hand with our commitment to Net Zero.  We will work closely with the Ayala group and continue to collaborate with our stakeholders as we carry out this important journey”

– Eric Francia, President and CEO

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Aiming for a Just Energy Transition

We recognize that companies have a key role to play in contributing to this urgent global shift to address climate change and transition to a net-zero economy, and it is imperative to do so in a way that is focused on workers, communities, and consumers.

Together with the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, along with international energy-intensive companies, academic institutions, investing firms, and civil and social organizations, we have developed a framework for a just energy transition to provide concrete guidance that companies of all industries can use to lead a swift energy transition that benefits all involved.

Just Energy Transition
AC and ACEN’s Commitment to Net Zero

ACEN’s commitment to sustainability is linked to its corporate strategy and vision, and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Guided by its Environmental & Social (E&S) Policy, the company’s sustainability framework is built on three focus areas embedded across its business operations, governance, and culture: having a low carbon portfolio by 2030, protecting the environment and investing in communities.

Measuring Our Impact on Sustainability

ACEN started to develop targets and measures to help drive its sustainability agenda across the organization and with it business partners. In March 2020, ACEN announced the board approval of its E&S Policy, incorporating sustainability in its business and organization. At the core of the policy is the company’s transition to a low carbon portfolio and divestment of its coal plants by 2030.

Our Priority SDGs

ACEN focuses on these SDG areas where it believes it can make the most difference and are most relevant to its business.

ACEN's Sustainability Framework is built on three focus areas embedded across its business operations, governance, and culture, and guided by its Environmental & Social (E&S) Policy.

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A Low Carbon Portfolio  by 2030

A Low Carbon Portfolio by 2030

As ACEN ramps ups its renewable energy investments, it aims to fully divest its coal assets by 2030.

Protecting the Environment

Protecting the Environment

The protection and management of ecosystems are a critical component of ACEN's sustainable development strategy.

Community Investments

Community Investments

ACEN's sustainability initiatives support the development and prosperity of its host communities.

by 2025

Total Renewables

~3,300 MW




2 MILLION mt co2e

Investments in
Renewable Energy




1,275 ha



Water Recycled/

99 %


37,400 Kilograms


in Communities


Taxes Paid to
Local Govt.



over 7,500


27% Female



45% Female




35 % Female

Reported Incidents
of Corruption


Harnessing Nature

ACEN derives renewable energy from nature to create a sustainable future for generations to come.


The Wind


The Sun


The Tree

Green-Led Recovery

Amidst the pandemic, ACEN showed resilience to “build back better” and pursue energy transition through sustained renewable energy investments.

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Enabling Community Progress

While providing clean energy to the grid,
ACEN spurs inclusive and sustainable economic growth to its host communities.

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In Focus

Turtle Conservation

Turtle Conservation

Ongoing awareness and training programs empower the locals to become guardians of the endangered species.

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The Conservation Estate in Ilocos Norte

The Conservation Estate in Ilocos Norte

The 700-hectare forestland has become an important wildlife habitat in the Northern Luzon region.

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Integrating Circular Approach

Integrating Circular Approach

ACEN aims to "close the loop" in our project locations, and help communities live in a pollution-free environment.

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Our Covid Response

Our Covid Response

ACEN, together with the Ayala group, was at the forefront of a nationwide response to help mitigate the pandemic.

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Sustainability News

ACEN’s MonteSol receives DOLE Safety Seal Certificate

ACEN’s MonteSol receives DOLE Safety Seal Certificate

18 MW MonteSol solar farm in Bais, Negros Oriental, received a Safety Seal Certification from the DOLE for its compliance with the the minimum standard set by the Inter-Agency Task Force for COVID-19 prevention protocol.

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ACEN integrates circular economy in renewables development

ACEN integrates circular economy in renewables development

ACEN has piloted the circularity approach in its 120 MW solar plant in Alaminos, Laguna construction site, diverting away from landfills a total of 32,540 kg of plastic collected from the solar panel packaging materials

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Creating tangible value through marine life protection in Visayas

Creating tangible value through marine life protection in Visayas

ACEN’s latest environmental and social programs in Western Visayas anchored on marine life protection and community development demonstrates the company’s pursuit to create sustainable, tangible and long-term impact to its stakeholders, the community and the environment.

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ACEN: Championing education amid Covid & beyond

ACEN: Championing education amid Covid & beyond

Together with the Ayala Foundation, ACEN’s power plants from Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, to Guimaras, Western Visayas, distributed “Educare” hygiene kits to schools to keep learners and educators alike safe and productive despite the threat of the pandemic.

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